Individual Disability Insurance Products

We offer a full suite of individual disability products to meet the needs of professionals, employers and business owners. 
  • ProVider Plus and ProVider Plus Limited individual disability income insurance
  • Income ProVider supplemental disability income insurance
  • Business ProVider disability buy-out, overhead expense and business reducing term disability income insurance 


Quick Facts: DI Student Loan Protection Rider
Broker Use Only: Optional rider on ProVider Plus or ProVider Plus Limited to protect a client’s ability to continue making student loan payments
Lump Sum Benefit Rider Flyer
Broker Use Only: Flyer explains the value of Guardian's Lump Sum Rider and how it protects your long term plans.
DI Qualified Sick Pay Program Flyer
Benefits for you and your employees Did you know that if you or a key employee in your business becomes too sick or injured to work, the firm cannot continue to pay wages and deduct those payments as a business expense unless a qualified sick pay plan is in place prior to the disability? Many business owners are unaware of this prohibition in the Internal Revenue Code.
Income Protection Worksheet
This worksheet was designed to help you clarify what income protection you have in place and what income may still be exposed to risk in the event you become too sick or injured to work.
Retirement Protection Plus Program - Tri-Fold Brochure
RPP is designed to help you maintain a healthy retirement strategy by replacing contributions made to a defined contribution plan during a disability. Once eligible for benefits, a monthly benefit insuring up to 100% of your retirement contributions, including any employer-matching contributions, will be paid into a trust established by you. The trustee invests benefits at your direction.
Short Course in Individual Disability Insurance
Providing Guidance... This guide will provide answers to some of your questions: Am I really vulnerable, how can it affect me, how can I protect my personal income, how can I protect my retirement contributions, how can I protect my business?


Catagory Key:

Guide = A piece that usually is meant for Producer or Broker Use only.  These pieces are more in depth about the particular product or strategy. 
Broker Use Only = All pieces that are not to be used with the general public.  These are pieces on sales strategies, product lines, riders etc... 
Client/Prospect Use Only = All pieces that you can use to either market to clients, support pieces when speaking about a product, rider or strategy based.

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